We serve food Tuesday to Saturday midday to 3pm

Wednesday to Saturday 6pm to 9pm

Sunday midday to 5pm


Sunday home cooked Roast £5.95


Lunch Menu

Panini served with a salad garnish and crisps. £4.50

Choose from:

             Cheese                                            Cheese and ham

Bacon and stilton                         Tomato and mozzarella

Add chips for an extra 60p


Sandwiches served with salad garnish and crisps. £4.50

Choose from:

              Cheese                                            Cheese and ham

              Bacon and stilton                            Tomato and mozzarella 

              Roast pepper and humus                Sausage and onion          

              Prawn                                             Coronation chicken

              Tuna mayonnaise

Add chips for an extra 60p


Jacket potato served with salad. £4.95

Choose from:

             Tuna Mayonnaise                           Beans and cheese

             Bacon and stilton                           Prawn

             Coleslaw                                        Coronation chicken


Ploughmans salad. £4.50  

Choose from:

            Cheddar cheese                              Stilton

            Ham                                               Pate


Evening Menu



Prawn cocktail                                                                  £4.25

Tomato and mozzarella                                                     £3.95

Mushroom and stilton served on chunky bread                £4.25

Potato skins                                                                     £2.95

Humus and pita bread                                                     £2.50

Meatballs served with bread and BBQ cayenne sauce      £3.50

Pate                                                                                 £3.50

Soup of the day served with bread                                   £2.95





Chips                                                                              £1.95                           

Garlic bread                                                                    £2.50

Garlic cheese bread                                                        £2.75

Olives                                                                             £1.95

Coleslaw                                                                         £1.50

Beans                                                                             £1.00

Crisps                                                                             75p






Salmon in a cream, capers and dill sauce served with

vegetables and choice of mash or new potatoes.                   £8.95


Battered cod and chips served with peas or salad                £7.95


Scampi and chips served with peas or salad                       £6.95


Vegetable lasagne served with salad                                   £6.95

add garlic bread for an extra £1.50


Mushroom and coriander risotto served with salad            £6.95


Pork and herb Sausages, mash and peas with onion gravy   



Liver and bacon with mash and vegetables                        £7.50


Chicken wrapped in bacon with vegetables and choice      

of mash or new potatoes                                                   £8.50


Pork ribs in cream cayenne sauce, vegetables and

choice of mash or new potatoes                                         £8.95


Home made beef burger, chips and coleslaw                    £7.95                                    add cheese  25p                add bacon  50p


Chicken burger, chips and coleslaw                                 £7.95

add cheese  25p                add bacon  50p


Rump steak served with grilled tomato, mushrooms,

home made onion rings and chips                                   £11.95


Gammon steak served with chips, pineapple and peas    £7.95


Pie of the day                                                                 £7.50


Pasta of the day                                                            £6.50

add garlic bread for an extra £1.50


                  KIDS MENU


All meals served with chips and the choice of beans or peas

Battered cod



Grilled chicken



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